Frederick Lapisardi

Frederick S. Lapisardi (writing, theatre): blends a love for dramatic literature with practical experience in the theatre to teach, to stage plays, to publish numerous articles in national and international journals, chair workshops and present papers at conferences throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, and publish books on W. B. Yeats and Eva Gore-Booth’s plays with the Edwin Mellen Press where he currently serves as a field editor and manuscript reader. Dr. Lapisardi’s PhD dissertation at NYU dealt with Yeats’s stagecraft, and his major emphasis was on modern drama with added focus on Irish theatre and British Elizabethan/Jacobean theatre. Although he taught in English departments at Niagara University, CUNY (Bronx), SUNY (Fredonia), and California University of PA, he has remained active in community, regional, academic, and professional theatre as dramaturg, playwright, actor, and director in America and Europe. He developed and, for 10 years, directed the professional writing programs at California University of PA. A Scholar in Residence at University College, Dublin, Dr. Lapisardi also served as literary advisor/dramaturg to the International Yeats Festival at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, as on site consultant for the Professional Summer Session Workshop productions at Pafos and Droushia on Cyprus, as actor, playwright, and director for IMISE productions in Venice and Naples, as director/actor/producer for the Yeats Festival Players at California University of Pennsylvania, and as workshop director and playwright for productions 64 Crayons Cultural Center.