Cody Knotts

Cody Knotts teaches film acting at Market Street Academy.   A modern day renaissance man, Cody has a history of accomplishments in a variety of fields.  He has written, produced, and directed four feature films, three of which have received distribution.  His best-known work, Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, stars Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Shane Douglas, Reby Sky, and Taya Parker, received limited theatrical release in the United States in the spring of 2014, and was screened at Cannes, Weekend of Horrors (Germany), and the Bram Stoker International Film Festival (UK).

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Cody ran and nearly won for State Legislature twice, having been outspent nearly 8 to 1.  He owned a newspaper for ten years which helped bring over 20 corrupt public officials to either justice or defeated from public office and helped free two individuals who had been wrongly accused of murder.

Cody grew up in Taylorstown, Pennsylvania– a small town of less than 600 people.  He has a lifelong commitment to public service and a passion for aiding small-town Pennsylvania residents reach their full potential.  As a young man, he was chosen by the Boy Scouts of America to be the first person to be awarded the Handicapped Awareness Merit badge because of his devotion to disabled students and his Eagle Scout project helped inspire Scouting for Food, a national program.  He also founded scholarship program for individuals who could not afford to join his fraternity, oversaw a homeless shelter, and founded an Adult baseball league.

In addition to teaching acting at Market Street Academy, Cody is partnering with the Academy staff and select students for his next film project, Gore Orphanage.  Based on an urban legend and set in the 1930s, this upcoming feature film will be shot in southwestern Pennsylvania and feature a cast of accomplished professional actors from Los Angeles and Florida working beside local youth.